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P2 Soft Cruise

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ליטר 205.4 32 10.2

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אחד השייפים הנפוצים של NSP ובכלל בתחום הסאפ

NSP מצאו כי רוב גולשי הסאפ גלשו בעברם ואפילו התחילו את דרכם עם שייפ כמו של הגלשן הזה. זה שייפ סלחן שמתאים לרוב הגולשים מכיוון שקל ללמוד לגלוש עליו ולהתקדם איתו

P2 Soft Cruise Technology

Choosing the P2 Soft construction is usually all about safety and providing a platform that enables paddlers to enjoy their board in the safest way possible. And while the P2 Soft Cruise is already a great platform for beginners, the full-EVA cover makes it even better. Whether you lift it from your roof rack or lose your balance on the water – nobody using this board is going to injure themselves

The P2 core is identical to NSP’s SecureCell EPS, fully glassed in a durable fiber epoxy shell with eco-friendly bio-resin. While the top part of the board is covered in EVA, the bottom features slicker PE for a smooth glide through the water


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