Butter Knife is a Carl Schaper creation.

Carl Schaper is best known for his longboards, but his Butter Knife is second to none when it comes to his mini-tank designs.


“We have had so many guys come back so stoked on riding the board they originally bought for their daughter!” ~ Carl Schaper


Bottom: Soft roll to mid-V to double concave
Rider: Beginner – pro
Wave Type: 1-6ft


Butter Knife Design

The Butter Knife with its classic outlines, perfect performance longboard rockers, and well-thought-out volumes is a winner across the board. Suitable for all abilities, surfers get to ride these as single fins in smaller conditions and discover their nose riding potential. And when it gets a bit punchier, you can just slip in the side bites and you have a perfect riding board for just about all conditions. As a thruster, a Butter Knife is balanced and predictable. Pop in a quad set up and use a bucketload of speed and increased bite to your advantage.


Butter Knife Fin setup

The Butter Knife comes with a 4+1 fin configuration allowing you to get creative in your setup. Try a quad, thruster, or even a single fin. NSP positioned the Surf 10 fin box slightly further back on purpose, making a realistic thruster setup work out as well.

All Butter Knives come with FTU fin boxes and are compatible with Futures® Fins (fins not included).

High-Performance accessories by NSP
Scroll to the bottom of the page for additional interesting shapes and suitable high-performance fins for the Butter Knife by NSP.

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
8'0" 21 ³/⁴" 2 ³/⁴" 55 Liters 4.46 Kg
8'6" 22" 3" 64.5 Liters 4.97 Kg

Who’s the Butter Knife for

Riders looking for a minimal with a deeper performance envelope are well-advised to check out the Butter Knife. With its classic outlines, perfect performance longboard rockers, and thought-out volumes, the Butter Knife is a shape for riders of all abilities looking for a mid-length that works and performs on smaller days.



Built with custom surf epoxy lay-up with a clear UV-stable resin and satin rub finish and combined with a CNC-cut EPS core, laminated with a full 220g biaxial 4oz deck and 6oz bottom, 4oz patches around the fin boxes, a 6mm wood stringer, bottom carbon stringer, and carbon-reinforced tail, giving you a durable longboard with great flex and performance, that feels light and responsive.

Think of CSE as a lighter, more performance-oriented version of the Butter Knife, compared to its Nature Flex version.

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